• Chris Says...

    I have been using D.Hill Solutions for less than a month, but I can attest to their ability to get results and the level of professionalism when dealing with them. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs credit repair services and wants to learn how to keep their credit scores high.

  • Treynicia Says...

    Amazing service! Very Knowledgeable, resourceful and takes time to educate you on whatever it is that you need to know or just want to know about credit. I highly recommend.

  • Harold Says...

    It's a different feeling when no matter where you are in life (credit wise) LaShanae with D.Hill Solutions makes you feel as if you are still in control. Very detailed, excellent response time and most of all D. Hill Solutions trains you for the future of your finances. Top tier service!!!

Thank You,

I am so happy that you have considered D. Hill Solutions to help you on your financial journey. I know that this is a delicate and important matter in your life, so I am thankful that D. Hill Solutions can be your go to during this time. Your support means everything to me and I hope D. Hill Solutions continues to exceed your expectations.


LaShanae Wallace (Owner)